Brokers Welcome

Redwood Mortgage is a broker-friendly lender – brokers are protected.

Many of our broker relationships span more than 20 years. If you are a returning broker, welcome back.

If you are a new broker to Redwood Mortgage and would like to get set up in our system, please use the form below to:

We look forward to handling your request.

What Brokers Have to Say About Us

“Thank you very much for the extra ordinary effort you and your team put in to close this challenging loan in a timely manner. The timeline for funding was short, and unfortunately I was traveling out of the country. It is comforting to know that I have friends I can trust and count on to act credibly and efficiently to accomplish the goal. That will not be forgotten.”

– Dan E., Broker


“A special thanks to the incredible team at Redwood Mortgage! You guys are the very best of the best!”

– Darren C., Broker


“It is my pleasure to write this letter recommending Redwood Mortgage.

I have always found Redwood Mortgage to be an exceptionally responsive lender, staffed by a team of professionals who display the astuteness to understand complex financial circumstances, and assess the viability of projects.

As conventional lending guidelines grow increasingly rigid, it is vital to have lenders like Redwood. My clients need a lending resource that has the capacity to fund their real estate projects.

I find it refreshing to deal with underwriters who seek to find ways to make transactions work for borrowers, investors, lenders and loan originators.”

– Gary S., Broker